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SPLASH is open to
people of all nationalities (18 and up)

SPLASH is a cruise ship game jam in northern Norway, surrounded by mountains and fjords, under the lights of the north!

This will be an amazing game jam! Because we wanted people to have a unique experience, we decided to hold a truly unique game jam. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase the Norwegian coastal landscape and Norwegian game developers.

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Win it to Feel it.


SPLASH collaborates between Henriette Myrlund, a Troms-based game designer and producer, and the Hamar Game Collective, a Hamar-based group of game development companies. Our goal is to connect the Norwegian games industry while strengthening our ties with the rest of the world’s game development community.

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At the top of the globe, there’s a game jam.

At the top of the globe, there’s a game jam.

In Troms, winter comes in many shades., the world’s most northern city (as long as you define ‘city’ as a

Trolls can be found anywhere there are video games.

Trolls can be found anywhere there are video games.

Later that morning, one of the developers guides everyone in a series of morning stretches and exercises inspired by Japanese

In conference room one, there are jammers.

In conference room one, there are jammers.

A novelty is at the heart of the game jam phenomenon. Many of the 101 participants at Splash Jam, from